This fall/winter, I'm offering two writing workshops. Both are fully virtual and open to writers of any genre or experience level. Workshops will run six weeks beginning mid/late October. These programs will be entirely virtual and primarily asynchronous, with one "live" zoom session each week. Exact dates will be finalized, with input from all participants, once registration has closed (early October).

Creative Kickstart

A writing workshop to help you get started or unstuck
6 weeks, virtual workshop: $100 (sliding scale)

Are you interested in writing, but not sure where to start? 
Are you a writer feeling stuck, in need of inspiration, or wanting to try something new?

This six-week virtual program will help you begin or deepen your writing practice – no matter what you want to write about or why you want to write. Perhaps you want to develop a regular journaling practice or you want to preserve family stories. Maybe you’ve done some writing, but you’d like to experiment with different genres or forms. Through weekly prompts and exercises, this low-pressure, supportive workshop will allow you to play with words and practice your writing; feel more in touch with your unique, creative voice; and connect with other developing writers. The workshop will include an online community and optional weekly Zoom sessions to give participants the talk about writing and share work (if desired) in a casual, welcoming atmosphere. 

Writing Hard Things

Taking a trauma-informed approach to creative writing in any genre
6 weeks, virtual workshop: $100 (sliding scale)

Many of us use writing as a way to process difficult experiences and even past traumas. Such writing can be good not only for the writer, but the reader as well – allowing audiences who are struggling or have struggled with traumatic experiences to feel seen and validated. However, this kind of work can be difficult for us and for our potential readers. Not every approach need be purely “confessional,” nor should writers be expected to obscure difficult moments with metaphor or ambiguity in order to spare audiences from the sharp edges. In this all-genre workshop, we’ll examine and discuss ways to approach difficult material with both candor and sensitivity. Participants will have an opportunity to share and get feedback on projects or topics they might not otherwise feel comfortable presenting in a general writing workshop. Under the gentle guidance of a trained, trauma-informed teaching artist, this program will foster a compassionate community, including online prompts, readings, discussions, and weekly Zoom meetings. 

Private Writing Coaching

Get one-on-one writing inspiration and feedback tailored to your needs.
Cost & time TBD

Maybe you've got an idea, but you're not sure how to get started.
Maybe you've got a draft and you're looking for feedback.
Maybe you're looking for some regular, personalized encouragement and accountability.

As an award-winning writer and an experienced writing instructor, I can support writers at any phase of their writing journey. My experience includes providing unique prompts and exercises for one-off stories and poems, offering feedback on completed manuscripts, and helping with grammar, punctuation, and other writing mechanics. 

Whatever you need, I'm here for it! 

Let's set up a free, 30-min chat to discuss your interests and goals and figure out how we can work together.